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AeroCool Pro-Series™  Evaporative Coolers


High Efficiency Evaporative Air Cooling allows you and your family to live life in comfort. 

They cool better and require less maintenance than conventional coolers.

They are listed for a $875.00 -$1500.00 Xcel Energy Co. Instant Rebate.



Set the comfort level and the AeroCool Pro-Series evaporative air cooler does the rest. Combined with the Pro-Stat programmable thermostat, the AeroCool Pro-Series will automatically and efficiently operate your cooler to best maintain your comfort level while using the least amount of energy.


Pro-4x4 Media

The AeroCool Pro Series features the Pro-4x4 High Efficiency Media to provide the coolest air possible and longer life than other media pads.






The AeroCool Pro-Series includes the Pro-Shield weatherizing panel for use in the off-season to prohibit heat loss and unwanted air from entering the home during colder months.



Pro-Clean System

The Pro-Clean System maintains the cleanliness of your evaporative cooler by automatically draining the cooler and refilling with fresh clean water, thus avoiding scale build-up. The water used in the evaporative process is stored inside the fully encapsulated Pro-Armor wet section, a plastic water package to help prevent rust..

Living Life In Comfort…You and Your Family Deserve It.





Installed Price

Xcel Rebate

Price after rebates

PD4802 28x42x43


With one 18" Vent





With standard 3 vent package







PD6802  35x42x45


With one 18" Vent





With standard 3 vent package







* Industry Standard Rating represents a numeric index for use in comparing units of different manufacturers


Installation Includes Cooler, Thermostat Control, Custom Roof Jack (6/12 pitch max.), Insulated Duct System, one Diffuser (also called "the vent"), Drain line,  connection to water source, Full Start-up, Annual Maintenance Agreement, Labor and Materials.  Add 2 additional vents and increase rebate level to $1200.  Price Does Not Include Required Permits, Electrical and Upgrades You May Need to Meet Current Codes



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