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High powered cooling at your fingertips.


The Breezair Elite™ EX Series of evaporative coolers combine unsurpassed cooling capability with incredible convenience in two great models:

The variable speed Breezair Elite EXVQ™ evaporative cooler features the MagIQtouch thermostat that allows you to select the amount of cooling you need and automatically drain the cooler with the push of a button. The Elite EXVQ™ also includes an exclusive Seeley Water Manager and Automatic Drain System as standard equipment.

The original Elite EXT™ offers you a standard two speed cooler and is available in line voltage and low voltage configurations with different thermostat control options and sizes.  Both the Water Manager and Automatic Drain System are optional on the original Elite model.

One year Annual Maintenance Agreement Included.  Breezair "Beyond Cool" evaporative coolers let you enjoy cool, fresh air inside your home for pennies a day. We offer high performance replacements for your old metal cooler. Call now to receive a free "Exact-a-mate" and schedule your installation.  Energy rebates from Xcel Energy Co. are $300.00 for two speed coolers (EXT series) and $675.00-$1000.00 for variable speed coolers (EXV and Icon series). 



 The BreezAir Icon series has all of the features of the traditional Breezair coolers – plus many more.  The Auto Drain, the Tornado water pump and the long life Chillcel™ pads are features incorporated within the Icon cooler.  Using revolutionary ECM direct drive variable speed motor technology, the Icon employs an efficient centrifugal fan.  These well-designed advantages contribute to make the Breezair Icon the world’s most quiet ducted evaporative cooling system. Advanced electronic controls manage and monitor the motor. This ensures that the system operates at its optimum efficiency at all times.  Cool your whole home for as little as running a light bulb.  The same rebate conditions as above apply here also.



The Breezair TBA Commercial series revolutionizes the concept of fixed direct drive evaporative coolers. All components are proprietary Seeley designs.  Each part is created to work precisely and integrally with the others in order to achieve maximum cooling efficiency.  Seeley International is a world leader in Axial polymer fan technology. The proprietary TBA fan offers impressive airflow and performance characteristics.  Innovative use of materials and components provide comfort cooling at economical prices into a variety of applications.



Breezair, Breezair Elite EX, Breezair Elite, Tornado, SensorTouch, Chillcel and all other trademarks indicated as such are trademarks of Seeley International. ® Reg. U.S. Pat. & Tm Off. All other product or service names are the property of their respective owners.  © 2005 Seeley International. All rights reserved. Seeley International reserves the right to make changes in its products and specifications at any time and without notice.


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