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SlimWall Cooler



You will enjoy cool, fresh air in your house with a cooler that does everything right.  Its small size hugs your house with high efficiency and power.  It only requires a 14" Square opening so it fits 16" on center studs.  Nothing structural needs to be cut.  It requires only an electrical outlet to plug into...No electrician needed.  Each cooler will cool 800 to 1300 square feet, depending upon layout.  A Clean Machine type system is recommended to keep your cooler working and smelling good.  It is rated at 3000 cfm.  The high performance rigid media means the air comes out colder than traditional coolers.  The cooler qualifies for a $300 Xcel Energy Co. rebate by mail, takes just a few weeks.  You won't need to suffer the heat any more. Quantities are very limited

Call now for a complete exact-a-mate and to schedule your installation.






We offer complete installations from $1999, most homes.  Thatís only $1699 after you get your rebate from Xcel Energy Co.





                              Quantities are very limited


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