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Freeze Warning!  To protect your cooler now, see important shutdown info.

Evaporative cooler shutdown and winterization service:

  • We will remove the drain in your cooler and flush the debris that has accumulated in it over the summer.

  • We will disconnect the water line and blow it clear of water so it won't freeze.

  • We will install your cover or block off plates.

  • We will remove the belt to prevent "egg shaping".

  • We will store the water adapter inside the cooler where we can find it next spring.

  • We will disconnect or turn off the power to the cooler to prevent accidental running.

Schedule your shutdown before the rush, even if you want to use your cooler for another couple of months.

Important:  During the peak start-up season, service is strictly limited to our previous installation customers, on a first come/first serve basis.



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